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Agronomy Talk

Kentucky and Tennessee - Austin Scott, CCA

Have a Plan Before You Have a Problem

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016

I’m sure everybody is just as excited that the 2016 planting season is under way! Hopefully by now, most of your corn is planted and you’ve already started planting soybeans. Choosing the correct herbicide program is paramount in protecting yield, and these programs can change drastically based on the weeds you’re targeting. Be sure to have a plan before you have a problem! Also, be mindful of early season pests that could rob yield. There are economic thresholds established for most biotic (insects, weeds, etc.) pests that tell you when it pays to spray a pesticide and when it doesn’t. Lastly, watch your fertility. If you’ve had super-saturated fields, then you’ve probably lost some of your nitrogen and an extra shot might be warranted to reach your yield goals.Don’t hesitate to call me, your local seed advisor, or your dealer with any agronomic questions or concerns.

Author: Austin Scott